Shopping for Clothes as a Plus Size

Shopping for Clothes as a Plus Size

When you are a standard height and weight you are overwhelmed with clothing options as a plus sized person, you’re choices are much more limited.  Not finding or wearing clothes that fit properly can shatter your confidence.  Shopping may not be a lot of fun either if you don’t have as much selection as you like.  Consequently you end up with an undefined style.  Instead of bright colors you end up with a wardrobe full of black clothes because it’s easier and “black is slimming”.  Shopping for clothes as a plus sized person isn’t easy.

There are plenty of women who can’t find the right clothes and don’t know how to make the right clothing choices for their body types.  They get sad, discouraged and self-conscious, but with the right clothes you can enjoy the way you look and feel confident.  First, you can look great with the right clothes and looking good makes you feel incredibly confident.  Here are some do’s and don’ts for dressing when you are a plus size.

Let’s start with the don’ts:

  • Don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small
  • Don’t wear clothes that do nothing for your shape or make you look shapeless
  • Don’t keep clothes hanging in your closet that don’t fit
  • Stop wearing black and only black

Now let’s look at the do’s

Start with the fit – Start with clothes that actually fit, not too small or too baggy. Clothes that fit properly can accentuate your best features and you can use them to hit what you don’t like.

Clean out your closet – A cluttered and messy wardrobe filled with clothes that don’t fit does you know favors.  Stop hanging onto old clothes that don’t fit for sentimental reasons, donate them to charity.

Pick clothes that work for you – You need clothes that flatter your silhouette and baggy clothes don’t flatter anyone’s shape.  Get some clothes that are structured for your body type.  Here is a video on picking clothes for your body type.

Don’t be afraid of color – Don’t be afraid of drawing attention to yourself.  You will look fantastic in color, if you’re still not convinced then use color as part of your accessories before you jump into a brightly colored outfit.

Don’t be afraid of having a good wardrobe no matter your size, there are plenty of stores that have some incredibly trendy fashions that will fit any body type.  Embrace your curves and be bold.